On Friday, January 19th, 2024, the RAMOGE Agreement held its 56th Commission meeting at the Ministry of State in Monaco, chaired by France represented by H.E. Jean d’Haussonville, Ambassador of the French Republic to the Principality of Monaco.

On this occasion, the French, Italian, and Monegasque delegations reviewed the progress of activities under the biennial work program 2023-2024.

During the year 2023, the Agreement was able to implement:

  • Programs dedicated to combating marine pollution, highlighted by the success of the OSCAR-MED aerial surveillance operation in Genoa and the RAMOGEPOL anti-pollution exercise in Hyères;
  • Actions for the health surveillance of the marine environment with measures of Ostreopsis ovata concentrations, a toxic algae for humans in case of proliferation;
  • Numerous communication actions involving participation in local and international events aimed at raising awareness of the Agreement’s activities and key themes related to the preservation of the marine environment.

For the year 2024, several initiatives will mark the Agreement’s agenda, including new marine pollution control operations in Italy and France, as well as the launch of a program to raise awareness of the protection of deep habitats explored during RAMOGE oceanographic campaigns. The third edition of the international photography competition on the theme “The Man and the Sea” is also scheduled, as well as events on posidonia restoration, and on non-indigenous species of the Mediterranean.